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Lush Bathroom Set

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Add a poised touch to your bathroom with this ceramic-inspired bath collection, perfect for adding color and style.

Weight (Gm) : Hand Wash Dispenser-167 | Tumbler-170 | Toothbrush Holder-190 | Soap Dish-133


Length (Inches) : Hand Wash Dispenser-7 | Tumbler-7 | Toothbrush Holder-8 | Soap Dish-9


Width (Inches) : Hand Wash Dispenser-10 | Tumbler-7 | Toothbrush Holder-8 | Soap Dish-12


Height (Inches) : Hand Wash Dispenser-18 | Tumbler-11 | Toothbrush Holder-11 | Soap Dish-1


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Black, White