• Jolie Flower Vase


    Beautifully textured and fresh coloured ceramic vase decors. These will refresh any boring space and boost your mood in no time.

    Weight (Gm) : 500

    Length (Inches) : 5.5

    Width (Inches) : 5.5

    Height (Inches) : 8.5

  • Out Of Stock

    Modern Nude Vase (Small)


    With variety of colours, vase shapes and beautiful vase decor gives your home a slightly softer and warmer feel. Enhance your favourite flowers or just let it stand beautifully on its own.

    Weight (Gm) : 522

    Length (Inches) : 3

    Width (Inches) : 3

    Height (Inches) : 7

  • Nature Inspired Vase (Small)

    Rs.1,900.00 Rs.950.00

    Inspired by nature, these ceramic white flower vase, with printed leaves and golden words on it makes a great addition to your room decor. You could fill it with flowers or display it like a showpiece for a different look.

    Color : White

    Weight (Gm) : 398

    Length (Inches) : 7.5

    Width (Inches) : 7.5

    Height (Inches) : 5

  • Out Of Stock

    Textured Vase (Medium)


    Flower vase in a vintage style. White coloured ceramic vase with satin bow tied around the top of it to enhance the look. Comes in different sizes.

    Weight (Gm) : 686

    Length (Inches) : 4.5

    Width (Inches) : 4.5

    Height (Inches) : 9.5