• All Black Planter

    Rs.13,500.00 Rs.4,050.00

    These planters are perfect for a modern space. The all-black look will effortlessly make any space chic.
    (Set of 2)

    Color : Black

    Weight (Kg) : L-1.1 | S-1.1

    Length (Inches) : L-13 | S-13

    Width (Inches) : L-13 | S-13

    Height (Inches) : L-28 | S-24

  • Ancient Buddha Vase

    From: Rs.979.00Rs.479.00

    A timeless fusion of art and functionality, invoking serenity and cultural richness in your space.

    Item Dimensions (3.5) : H-9 Cm | Outer Daimeter-8.5 Cm | Upper Daimeter-5 Cm

    Item Dimensions (5) : H-12.5 Cm | Daimeter-12.5 Cm

    Item Dimensions (6) : H-15.5 Cm | Daimeter-10 Cm

  • Arise Diffuser


    The enchanting crème diffuser will add peaceful energy to your space.

    Item Dimensions : H-6 Inches | L-4.5 Inches | W-4.5 Inches

    Weight : 300 Gm

  • Aromatic Oasis Diffuser


    Feel the bliss of infused fragrance and vibrant elegance with this cream diffuser.

    Item Dimensions : H-5 Inches | W-4 Inches | L-4 Inches

    Weight : 600 Gm

  • Aster Flower Vase


    A wonderful addition to your decor make your corners the centre of attention with this lovely flower vase.

    Item Dimensions : H-10 Inches | D-4.5 Inches

    Weight : 882 Gm

  • Barrel Flower Vase


    Add elegance to your table design with this handpicked, unique, and trendy flower vase.

    Item Dimensions : H-6 Inches | L-3 Inches | W-3 Inches

    Weight : 230 Gm

  • Belfry Diffuser


    Calm your senses with the calming wafts of aroma from this one-of-a-kind diffuser in a subtle creamy white tone.

    Item Dimensions : H-6 Inches | L-5.5 Inches |L-5.5 Inches

    Weight : 500 Gm

  • Bless Diffuser


    The ethereal crème diffuser will give your room a scenic touch.

    Item Dimensions : H-4 Inches | L-5 Inches | W-5 Inches

    Weight : 800 Gm

  • Bohemian Lemon Donut Vase


    Elegant, aesthetic, and in lemon shade, this distinctive doughnut vase is perfect for bringing an eye-catching charm to your decor.

    Item Dimensions : H-9.5 Inches | L-9 Inches |W-3.5 Inches

    Weight : 400 Gm

  • Boho Cream Diffuser


    Featuring a bohemian aesthetic, this cream rectangular diffuser is excellent for vapourizing aromas in your space.

    Item Dimensions : H-5 Inches | L-5 Inches | W-4.5 Inches

    Weight : 300 Gm

  • Bondi Wall Clock


    A circular exclusively designed metal wall clock is a masterpiece in itself. This wall clock will give you fusion of vintage and modern.

    Color : Black

    Weight (Kg) : 1

    Length (Inches) : 24

    Width (Inches) : 2

    Height (Inches) : 24

  • Cacti Green Flower Vase


    Experience the allure of the orient with this flower vase, which adds a stylish look to your decor.

    Item Dimensions : H-9.5 Inches | L-7 Inches |W-4 Inches

    Weight : 300 Gm

  • Calming Cream Diffuser


    This cream diffuser with cut out patterns provides a pleasant atmosphere and is ideal for adding a boho touch to your decor.

    Item Dimensions : H-7 Inches | L-6 Inches | W-6 Inches

    Weight : 700 Gm

  • Ceramic Donut Shaped Vase

    From: Rs.1,199.00Rs.599.00

    Add a whimsical touch to your floral arrangements.

  • Cerulean Light Blue Planter

    Rs.9,900.00 Rs.2,970.00

    Short and sweet. These short planters are adorable and will definitely light up the style of your room.

    Color : Light Blue

    Weight (Kg) : 4

    Length (Inches) : 12

    Width (Inches) : 12

    Height (Inches) : 20

  • Cerulean Blue Planter

    Rs.7,500.00 Rs.2,250.00

    Short and sweet. These short planters are adorable and will definitely light up the style of your room.

    Color : Blue

    Weight (Kg) : 1.3

    Length (Inches) : 7.5

    Width (Inches) : 7.5

    Height (Inches) : 21.5