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Decor pieces find their place in a space with an intention. Introduce the mood of your space with pieces that have the power to own you with its beauty, and the command to dictate the personality of your space. Your space is your story told in pieces, textures, and colours. We have everything you’ll need to accessorize your space corners, counter tops and creative spots. There’s style, elegance and function all blended in perfect harmony with every product we have for you.

When beauty blends with utility, it gives you just what you need. This elaborate ensemble of the lamp, tissue box, chic vases and jars, and also the elegant wine rack, we have for you here is the perfect testament of beauty and utility on one counter top. The lamp with its classic base dominates the tone on the counter top. The colour play of the green shade card at the back is a classic blend of styles and tones. Bringing definition with heights and moods, the display is a splendid wash of blues, greens and gold. If you’re looking to set up a counter top, and are clueless as to the what and how of it, then here’s the perfect collection.

This counter top is rather dramatic. The deep hue of orange-red on the vase, shouts aloud Fall in its elegant demeanour. The subtle hint of beige compliments the rage of the burning orange. And to add life and energy, this canary yellow testament of the contemporary school of thought gets the vibe going. The classic black and gold bookend is the perfect contrast to the colour pop on the jars. This counter top setting is perfect for a modern home that loves a mix of contemporary and classic; best of both worlds at once.


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